Our third release honoring a notable educator this year is named after Friedrich Fröbel and will take place Saturday, July 22 from 8 am to noon CT. We will be offline for maintenance during this time.

Some of the new items we’re working on for this release include:

  • Integrated Course Purchasing (through Paypal Integration)
  • Learner Leaderboard
  • Course Manager Reporting Permission
  • Fast Video Streaming from the Knowledge Base
  • Early Preview of Customizable Email Templates coming later this fall

Friedrich Fröbel - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training

Fröbel, who had a difficult childhood, left home when he was nine years old to live with his maternal uncle in Stadtlim, Germany where he became a forester at the age of 15. Observing the symbiotic ecosystem in which plants and animals lived in unity fascinated Fröbel, who felt that the same unity must be attainable by humans, as well.

He pursued an education in pedagogy and was heavily influenced by John Amos Comenius, the ‘father of modern education’, and Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, a Swiss educator who believed all children deserved an opportunity to be educated.

Inspired by their teachings, he dedicated his life to early childhood education and helping children recognize and appreciate the common patterns and forms found in nature. This led to his creation of Kindergarten, now a global concept, and the development of Fröbel’s Gifts – educational toys which included geometric building and pattern activity blocks.

Friedric Fröbel Google Doodle - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning


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