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Struggling to Improve eLearning Engagement?

No matter what industry sector you are in, no matter how good you feel your online training materials may be – most businesses who use online training have the same big question.

“How do I improve learner engagement?”

In this fast-paced 45 minute session, neovation’s President, Dan Belhassen busts some myths and delivers insight into how you can:

  • increase learner satisfaction (dare we say happiness?)
  • decrease friction for learners as they interact with online training technology
  • make learners eager to complete their training
  • engage supervisors to connect more effectively with their trainees
  • leverage “gamification” to increase engagement
  • develop better content that learners will want to learn
  • and more!

Dan had a great time delivering this webinar, and answered many questions from the live session participants. If you have questions, just let us know – we’re here to help!
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